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Supply chain

Our main goal is to provide excellent services in the area of distribution and logistics. A necessary prerequisite for business success of each distribution company is a developed and modern supply chain and logistics solutions tailored to customers' requirements.

The activities in the supply chain sector begin with planning the stocks - ordering goods from our partners while maintaining optimal inventory levels at all storage sites at minimal costs. The main process in the inventory planning sector is forecast of demand. The results achieved in this area, ranked top globally, are balanced inventory levels that keep up with the changes in the market and enable us to achieve one of our most important goals – the availability of goods to our end customers at all times.

The Company's distribution center is located in the heart of the industrial area of Belgrade, near the airport Nikola Tesla, with approximately 55,000m2 of warehouse areas with different temperature regimes and nearly 150 employees.

The warehouses in the central distribution center have a capacity of around 25,000 pallet places and are equipped with the most advanced rack and transshipment technology, enabling us to optimize and provide safe working conditions.

We can provide optimum performance only by continuous improvement of the management process and maximum utilization of all storage resources. That is why we decided in 2004 to implement a computerized warehouse management system (WMS) G.O.L.D. Stock, an Aldata Solution product, which manages all the processes in the warehouse. This multipurpose system has enabled the Company to store over 10,000 products by applying the best storage practices and delivery accuracy of above 99.5%.

The goods are delivered to customers by a fleet consisting of over 250 vehicles, with carrying capacity of 2.5 to 11 tons with different temperature regimes. All vehicles are equipped with GPS devices and the organization, control and monitoring of all the transportation and delivery routes is done by means of a modern software solution for organizing and optimizing transportation. Delivery routing is performed dynamically for the entire fleet and the system receives data from the warehouse management system (WMS). Delivery vehicles are equipped with portable computers that allow the driver a detailed overview of all parameters related to the delivery (route details, review of packing lists, delivery task status, and navigation according to delivery plan...).