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Trade Marketing


We improve the business practice of our clients through the quality services we offer, through joint planning and organization of activities directed towards the realization of the best business results and fulfilment of needs of the end consumers.  Accordingly, every day, there is our team with more than 150 employees, and who have direct contacts with our products, clients and consumers. 
The sales is organized by the territory and by the principle of functionality, depending on the type and the structure of customers.  Each market where we operate is completely covered in terms of sales channels and sales facilities. Our sales force is equipped with the latest hand computers in which they keep defined daily visit plans, the complete insight into the availability of goods and the information about the customers.  By means of these devices, they create the orders on field and via 3G+ network, they send them to the supporting departments for further processing,  in order to achieve, after the entire process has been completed, that the goods finds its place on the shelves of the customers, in the shortest time possible.  Each sales division employee, starting from the decorators and promoters, through the salesmen and to the management, has been trained according to the standards and the operating methods of our foreign partners
In order to make sure that our products will find their place in the consumers’ baskets, we also offer trade marketing services to our partners. They reflect in display of products on shelves, design and organization of promotional activities, car branding, production of the advertising material, and collection of the data from the field. Our creative team, composed of 20 employees on field, are able to realize each wish of our clients and to achieve better sales of the products we are distributing.