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Internal logistic

In-house logistics is a business phrase which represents the presence of a logistic company at the host company location.

Internal (IN-House) logistics can represent a process which involves taking the products from production line, packaging of the products according to the demands and standards of the host, adding to the production lines certain operating supplies and raw materials, system logging and labeling of goods according to the system input, transfer of goods to the warehousing locations, migration within the storage locations, inventory, preparation of goods according to the host's order, system logging, shipment of goods, maintenance of equipment for handling of goods, waste management, etc....

This is the basic list of activities that we daily handle at the location of our clients. The scope and activities change depending on the needs and demands of each individual client. With such an approach to the host, Nelt enables flexibility in planning and realization of basic operations. Fast and efficient organization, excellence and a knowledge base that we offer have to complement basic operations and creates additional value to the company through cost-cutting of various forms (time, resources, money).



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