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Nelt today


The success of Nelt in Serbia is based on the responsibility that the Company has nurtured during 25 years of committed and professional work in all aspects of business operations. Nelt has transferred its experience and expertise also to other markets, where the companies within the organizational system of the Nelt Group operate independently today. Owing to a recognized professional attitude towards its stakeholders and the ethical and strategic guidelines they abide by, Nelt Group companies are recognized as the first choice of global companies in providing quality distribution and logistics services. Nelt Group provides the services of goods import and customs clearance, warehousing, sales and delivery, marketing to its partners, while equally respecting the needs of all stakeholders in the supply chain - its principals, clients and end customers. High standards and compliance with international regulations as well as the implementation of the most successful business models, represent a necessary precondition for development. Additionally, continuity in introducing innovations provides Nelt Group companies with leading positions in the use of advanced information technologies in the markets in which they conduct business operations.