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The principall business of the company Nelt d.o.o. is distribution and wholesale of the tobacco products and the food products of mass consuption. We are a part of the Nelt Group, the regional leader in the field of distribution. 

As the founder of the current company Nelt d.o.o. in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 1999, Orbitko company was established at the as the sub-distributer of confectionery and tobacco products. The company headquarters are located in Trebinje. In 2006, we initiated the partnership with the company Nelt Co, and in 2010, the company was renamed from Orbitko into Nelt d.o.o., and the headquarters was moved to East Sarajevo, where it is still located. Apart from the headquarters in East Sarajevo, there are regional distribution centres in Banjaluka and Bijeljina.

Owing to the constant improvement of the quality and expansion of the product range, as well the investments made into development of the employees, today, we are one of the leading distribution companies at the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Today, Nelt d.o.o. is the company that offers the supreme services from the area of distribution, logistics and marketing, demonstrating the maximal operational efficiency and effectiveness. Our partners are all key domestic and international companies, whose long-lasting multinational experience and knowledge, combined with our energy, flexibility and creativity, has been bringing, year by year success and growth.